How To Play Skateboard And Indispensable Safeguarding When Playing

 Here are some basic steps to learn skateboarding: practice standing on the board, push the skateboard, stop the skateboard, change the direction of the skateboard, jump, kick, etc. In order to play this popular street sport, you need to prepare protective gear such as hats, handguards, elbows, knees, and a comfortable pair of shoes that will help you to stand and control. The direction of skateboarding is easier, the most important thing when you learn how to play skateboarding and sliding.

Prepare protective gear to protect yourself when learning how to play skateboarding.

When learning how to play skateboarding or other professional players, we need to prepare personal protective gear to avoid unnecessary injury without protective gear. When you learn how to play skateboard, the protective gear has only basic things, such as helmets, knee guards, elbows, hands, and you should also choose the most comfortable shoes and a pair of pants for yourself. The shirt is wide and comfortable because itll be easier to move when you move.

Learn how to play skateboarding

Practice balancing while standing on a skateboard.

When you learn how to play skateboard, the first steps are basically one of the most important steps that will help you play skateboard better. You often practice in a grassy area or somewhere less prone to skidding and rugged to get used to your skateboarding. You practice standing up and balancing on it and keeping your skateboard from moving back and forth when youre standing and keeping your balance on your skateboard, you should jump over to jump on the skateboard and jump down a few times until youre good on your board and stand up and keep a good balance on your skateboard.

How to move the skateboard

After practicing your balance while standing on the board, the next step to learn how to play skateboards is to determine which of your dominant legs is. 

For example, if youre left-footed, use your left foot to slide the slide to get away from the skateboard (and also known as Goofy). 

After you have chosen your dominant foot, the other leg will stand on the foot. The foot pedal is the ground pedal to move the skateboard. When the board moves a bit, you draw your right foot up. Like that, the board repeated many times to get you used to the standing on a ton of moving boards. Note that when you first learn how to play skateboarding, you should practice in a deserted place, a flat road, few people or vehicles, and let the skateboard move slowly to adjust the direction of the skateboard.

How to deflect 

Next, learn how to control the skateboard after you know how to balance your skateboard, and the next move will be how to turn your skateboard at will or avoid objects from the road or the passersby… Before you turn the skateboard, you need to lower the center of your body, then continue to lean forward and choose the back leg to swing the skateboard to change the direction you want.

How to Stop

When you learn how to play skateboard, there are many different ways for beginners to learn how to play skateboarding.

Stop by your foot

To stop the skateboard, just place your hindfoot on the ground as your skateboard moves slowly. Note that if your skateboard is fast, you dont have to set your foot on the ground because you can fall right away and you have to put your foot on the ground to touch it slowly, the skateboard will slow down. Then youll be able to set your foot on the ground and stop your skateboard. This movement has a lot of practice time so you should practice it carefully before you start practicing difficult movements.

Stop with the heels

When the skateboard moves, you press your back foot firmly into the edge of the board and, at the same time, the front of the previous board bounces off the ground and the board stops immediately if the skateboard moves at high speed, itll be dragged a bit, then youll have to step back first and then step out of the board. Otherwise youll easily fall back.

  • Jump off your Skateboard

The way to jump off your skateboard isnt called away to stop skateboard, but its a way to use it in emergency situations when you cant stop your skateboard or encounter obstacles, a surface skate or a passing vehicle where you cant stop a skateboard. Note that youre only using this method in the most dangerous situation, and when you jump out of your skateboard, you re sure to face injuries you dont want.

Advice for beginners to learn how to play skateboarding

  • Be persistent, dont give up when you learn how to play skateboard for the first time if you fail to give up.
  • Let the person lean forward a little to keep the weight in mind if you lean back, skate or fall off the board during skateboarding.
  • Dont leave your phone, fragile items or sharp objects in your pocket while skateboarding.
  • Always keep your legs apart, because if you keep your legs close to each other, youll lose your body when youre skateboarding, so you can fall and get hurt.
  • Choose for yourself the shoes you re most comfortable with and the clothes you re comfortable wearing when youre skateboarding, so you can move around more easily.
  • Choose a nice surface area without roughness and few people , especially when you first learn how to play skateboarding.

Indispensable accessories to play the skateboarding

Inline skating is a fun sport for all of us. But when youre participating in this game, not only do you need quality skate shoes, but you also need important accessories like helmets, elbow protection, legs to ensure the safety of skating.

Helmet is one of the most important accessories

Skating is a healthy sport that stimulates growth and mental well-being, but falls and many other risks are inevitable during play. In order to ensure safety for your health, bring complete pleasure while playing, you must have a full range of body protection accessories, including a helmet. Helmets protect the head completely, ensuring your safety when participating in rollerblading.

The Knee and the Elbow Guarding Brace

To avoid slipping, you may accidentally fall and clamp your hands and feet to the ground quickly and quickly. You must have a hand and a foot protector to ensure that the joints are absolutely safe. When a fall avoids a strong impact, and the body is less scratched.


Like the elbow guard, the glove knee is also an important tool to protect your hand when it accidentally falls or bumps. When buying gloves, you should choose pairs of soft velvet in the palm of your hand, the gloves are designed to have such ventilation holes when you wear and feel ventilation and reduce sweating.

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