5 instruments to protect your body when playing football

Shin Guards, Knee Pads, Ankle Braces, Eye Protective Glasses, Soccer Shoes are 5 of the useful tools to protect players bodies from unfortunate injuries when playing soccer.

Knee Pads

Did you know that the knee is the most vulnerable part when playing football, or playing volleyball in particular and other sports in general? Because the knee joint holds the majority of your body weight, it is one of the most flexible parts to turn your body around.

To protect the knee from injuries, athletes often use knee pads as the most effective protection way.

According to statistics, Knee injury levels are very high in football. The two most common injuries are medial collateral ligament tears and torn meniscuses. 

These injuries are often quite serious so the player must leave the field several weeks or months. In addition, in the process of convalescence, if not well cared for, injuries can leave lifelong sequelae for athletes. 

So what are the effects of wearing a knee pad?

One thing is for sure: if you use a knee pad, the injury rate will be significantly reduced. Because:

The knee pad is used as an armour to prevent the knee from contacting directly with the ground, so it can prevent scratches, torn skin, etc.

The knee pad is very elastic and tends to support the knee joint and keep it fixed at all occasions during hard and challenging activities, including spinning the ball, squatting the barbels, or springing ball into the basket …

If unfortunately your knee is injured, protective pads will help fix knee joint, reduce body weight that the knee joint must hold, and support faster injury recovery.

Classification of knee pads:

We temporarily classify the knee guards as follows:

According to the brand: AOLIKES knee protector, BOER knee pad, PJ pad, LITIAN knee protector, LITON knee protector, etc.

According to usage: bandage, plaster, long tapes

Bandage knee guard 

According to length: Long knee pads, short knee pads

Long knee pad

According to style: silicon-lined knee pads, knee pads with holes, etc.

Choose to buy and use knee pads:

Material: most types of knee pads’ covers are made from woven fabric with good elasticity, absorbing sweat, creating a comfortable feeling when wearing.

Size: how to choose the size

Recommended sizeThigh circumference (Measure the thigh above the knee 15cm)
M35 – 41 cm
L42 – 47 cm
XLmore than 47cm


After each use, sweat on the knee pads will be a favorite place for bacteria to grow, which in turn produces unpleasant odors as well as molds that can irritate the skin. Therefore:

Please clean the knee bandages after each use.

Wash the product by hand with soap and warm water. If you use a washing machine, it should be placed in a separate washing bag because the washing speed of the washing machine may cause the band to expand, shorten the life of the pads or make it stick to other clothes in the washing bucket, causing damage to clothes.

Limit the use of strong detergents as this may shorten the life of the product.

Shin Guards

The shin is the part often hit during soccer, along with the knee. The dramatic step of the ball will inflict bruises or even fractured shin tubes while you are struggling against the opponents.

Therefore, shin guards are necessary instruments of the footballers.

Usually, the shin protectors are fixed in socks by binding or sticking them.

General characteristics of the types of shin guards are:

– The outside surface is made of hard-to-crack plastic. They have the good bearing capacity and slippery bridge design which can disperse and reduce the impact force on the shin.

– The inside is 5mm thick foam, very smooth and dense, there are many body air holes, so that the player is comfortable to wear.

– Lightweight, about 90gam.

You should choose an appropriate pair of shin guards based on the age and size of the shin. There are types:

Used for children

Used for artificial turf

Use for futsal

The Ankle Brace

An ankle brace protects and protects your ankles, heels and foot joints to prevent damage that often takes place every day during soccer or exercise.

Material: four-dimensional stretchy cotton fabric:  Easily drains, ventilates when used. Very durable, lightweight.

Products that support the heel, prevent, and protect the ankles from injuries when playing sports, especially the sports using the ankles frequently such as Aerobic Dance, climbing, dancing, jogging, playing tennis, badminton, soccer.

Especially, the product also works well in cases of sprains and minor injuries during exercise.

Size S (30-35cm); Size M (36-39cm)


1. Put on ankle brace before starting the exercise

2. Gently move to try to fit your body

3. Be careful not to press the belt too tight, making it difficult to travel, nor too loose

– Put the heel on the round hook

– Wrap brace around ankles, heels, feet

– Note that the rubber surface should be inward

– Customize the tightness of tape roll

– Use stickers to fix position

Using an ankle brace to maintain the integrity of joint, heal easily and avoid re-injury after the knee operation.

4. Eye protective glasses

Recently, the demand for young people looking for soccer glasses for myopia is increasing. Partly due to the fact that young people now have short-sightedness, and the price of myopia glasses is also much cheaper than before.

On the market, there are many models and prices for you to choose. Eg:

Cheap myopic soccer glasses

Soccer glasses for people with extreme nearsightedness

Small eyeglasses

Soccer glasses for kids

Wide-angle soccer glasses

A lot of customers are much more confident when playing football with specialized sports glasses. The players are not afraid of a facial injury when being hit by balls.

In addition, when wearing soccer glasses, the players also become prominent on the field.

Soccer shoes

It is hard to move fast and stabilize when playing football on artificial turf. That’s why experts always recommend and advise that players should use soccer shoes when playing on artificial turf. There are many other advantages of soccer shoes: 

✔ Soccer shoes prevent your feet from direct contact with sharp things, including sharp stones, rocks, and bottle flakes, which harm your foot.

✔ If you wear football shoes, while the faces of the ball are in touch with the toes, you get more true emotions that make you move and kick more accurately.

✔ When you choose soccer shoes to play on artificial turf, it may be smaller than normal shoes so that the shoes will hug your feet closer to move more firmly.

✔ Extremely lightweight makes it easy to handle any situation.

✔ Soccer shoes come in different colours. The colours blend harmoniously and subtly and draw a sighter ‘s eye from the first look.

✔ Part of the shoe toe is designed relatively slim and has been stitched very firmly, helping you to comfortably perform difficult techniques.

✔ The rubber shoe sole is designed with an extremely good grip, helping you keep balance effectively and suitable for most artificial turf today.

✔ Surface made from PU leather,  so the inner lining is so soft and airy, making you feel comfortable when you are surfing on the grass.

✔ The neck is not too high, it is well-stretched, minimizing injuries when you practice and play.

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