Must-have Protecting Equipment When Playing Sports in 2020

Sports require a lot of energy, such as soccer, volleyball, basketball. Unfortunate injuries, especially sensitive and bumpy areas such as elbows and knees, can not be avoided. Support accessories to protect you are, therefore, indispensable. The following article will list for your equipment to protect you from injury and confidence in the field, in particular games such as volleyball, basketball, football, etc. All right!!

Why do you need protection equipment?

When participating in sports activities, injuries are very likely to occur, such as sprains, real legs, so you need protective gear to protect and reduce injuries, severe damage to the body. Protective accessories are genuine products that ensure the best quality, help you feel safe while playing, and participate in sports activities.

Injury in sports is something that nobody wants. Protective gear only helps to reduce the risk of injury. Dont forget the following three rules to keep yourself safe:

  • Always warm-up before entering the field, in particular the joints.
  • Do not abruptly perform vigorous movements, in specific rotations whose pillars are knee joints.
  • Do not try to make painful movements if you have had previous injuries or pain, painful joint movements. In the event of damage, stop the exercise and immediately fix the bandage in the wounded area. Support equipment to avoid damage when playing sports is indispensable.

Protection equipment is indispensable when playing sports.

There are many types of arm and leg braces on the market for you to choose from, refer to the article below to choose the best protective devices for you when playing offline sports.

Long knee support brace 

A long knee brace will help you at the same time, minimizing scratches during rescue. Not only that, but the long knee band also helps you feel confident about playing and playing more enthusiastically, avoiding pain during competition while protecting your skin against the suns ultraviolet rays.

The long knee band is very useful during the competition; its a volleyball accessory that must be the first of all volleyball accessories.

Long knee bandage protects the knee in larger areas.

Knee Pads

A pillow is going to be a good aid to you in every competition. The knee minimizes damage if you accidentally stumble. If your opponent jumps the ball too hard, accidentally touches your knee, or, unfortunately, if you want to catch the ball, you will lose. At that time, the volleyball pillow will reduce the unfortunate damage to you, do not hurt you after the game.

Knee pads minimize injuries when crashing

Multi-purpose sports tape

Volleyball tape-also called multi-purpose sports tape, it is a tape that is used to better support sports players.

Usually, the tape is mainly used for soccer players, but volleyball, basketball players, etc. You also need a volleyball tape to play better.

Volleyball tape is used to tape vulnerable areas such as ankles, wrists, knees, shirts, etc. When using a volleyball tape, your injury will be minimized. , and multiply the intensity of competition.

Multi-purpose sports tape is often used in situations such as:

  • Protect your ankles, your wrists, your knees.
  • Wrap your shirts, anti-flip ankles.
  • To protect it, fix it on your leg.
  • These versatile sports tapes are often used in sports such as soccer, volleyball, badminton, tennis, etc.

Elbow bandage protection

The elbow guard is a must-have volleyball accessory for new volleyball players.

This tape is used to protect the elbow from scratching the athlete while saving. The phase saves or falls in football in particular.

In addition, it also helps the contestant to be completely confident, not afraid to roll, avoid scratches, protect his own skin while participating in the competition.

Elbow protection to prevent injury during play

Brace on the elbow

Elbow braces are used in competitions such as table tennis, volleyball, tennis, badminton, and bodybuilding. The brace is used to reduce pain, muscle fatigue, and pain during the game.

As you know, participating in athletes will certainly have to be stretched a number of times. So if you use the elbow brace, you re going to avoid getting hurt in the case of a sprain. And a lot of other injuries.

Elbow brace reduces the feeling of pain and muscle pain during competition.

Bandage tape

Bandage is a device used to prevent sprains and ligaments for sports players. When playing volleyball, you should tightly wrap and tape your body to avoid unfortunate injuries. The tape is used to prevent sprains and ligaments for sports players.

Ankles bandage

Ankle brace is highly effective during use to help the ankle muscle brace, prevent injury during vigorous activity, increase blood circulation, help speed up the recovery of the ankle part of a friend.

Ankle Brace protects the ankle while playing sports.

Brace of the wrist on both sides

Bandages minimize damage when playing sports that use a lot of hands, such as basketball, volleyball, ball, etc. Protect your hands when youre in contact with the ball, when youre hitting the ball from burning pain and bone damage.

Mouth Guard

Without a device to protect the jaw, the external force from punches, kicks, and strong bumps from boxing can lead to broken teeth and injury to the lips, tongue, face, and jawbone. In addition, the mouthguards also hold soft flesh tissue in their mouths, creating space for them not to bite. This prevents the situation of the cheeks and lips from being torn, bruised, especially for those who wear orthodontic devices (braces).

Above are the protecting equipment that are required when participating in sports such as volleyball, basketball, soccer. Thanks to these support tools, the number of injured athletes has decreased in recent years. Many athletes were discharged when they were too young because they did not know how to use volleyball accessories during the competition, causing unnecessary injuries and affecting their careers.

Protect yourself when competing by carefully studying the accessories we mentioned above. Also, make a plan to buy the above products right away to help protect yourself when you start playing sport! 

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