Instructions for ankle support with 6 steps of tape in 2020

Ankle injuries are the most common type of injury in football players. Following is a guide to use bandages to protect the ankles that professional players often do.

Rough strokes, hard pitches or “potholes” are one of the few causes of ankle injuries, or more specifically, the ankles of players. Therefore, before putting on socks and shoes, minimize the risk of this injury by strengthening the ankle area with a particular roll. Football experts always advise us to be more preventive rather than cure.

“The ankle helps you to turn your body weight in many directions, so protecting them is very important,” says therapist Andy Mitchell of Bolton Club. “Ankle injuries are prevalent in football, so most professional players use tape to ensure stability and protect the ankle.”

“It also has the effect of reassuring a player that his ankle will be strong and stable during training or competition.” Practice has proven that thanks to the protection of the tape, the ankle injury rate of players playing in the Premier League is only two-thirds the price of knee injuries.

However, the protective effect of the tape will be less effective if you misuse it. Here are six necessary steps to making ankle bandages.

Wrap around the foot first. Wrap it tight or loose, depending on how comfortable you feel.

Wrap diagonally up to the heel.

Then wrap two ankles around the ankle to form an anchor point.

 Now wrap the tape diagonally down to the foot.

Wrap around the sole of the foot first, then cross diagonally like the number 8.

Wrap up to ankles then cut tape. If done correctly, your heel will still be exposed, but the foot and ankle are covered.

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