Essential things to know before purchasing knee braces

A knee band or band is an indispensable item in sports such as football, basketball, tennis, or daily use to support the knee. There are many brands such as Liton, Kuangmi, Li-Ning, Aolikes, Mueller, JaJaLin, QSupport, McDavid …, making you wonder which buy the best knee protector, suitable for yourself?

Therefore, WE will introduce to you the method of choosing belts, protective bands and knee supports for daily use and playing sports. Dont forget to refer to the best-loved products today, from products that keep warm, to knee protectors that support people with minor injuries. I wish you find a suitable knee protector.

How to Choose A Belt, Knee Protector

If you want to use  knee brace to protect your knee, determine the purpose and circumstances of your use, so as to choose as accurately and appropriately as possible.

Choose By Purpose

If you want to support a cold or aching knee, you can choose a thermostatic or supportive type for pain relief. In addition, when playing sports, choose the type of sport band (Sport Knee Support) to reduce the burden on the knee or limit possible injuries. So, consider and choose the type of knee belt that suits you.

  1. Choose a Warm brace for Your Knee – It is easy to hurt when its cold

For those who do not suffer from frequent knee pain but prone to knee pain when it is cold, you should choose the type of heat retention. The thermostatic belt does not support the knee as well as the sport, but it keeps warm and prevents the knee from aching when it is cold.

In addition, those containing germanium and similar ingredients have a high ability to retain heat, increasing efficiency in the cold season.

  1. Choose braces that have knee or pain support

The kind of protection tape with buds has a fixed support function. It functions perfectly when the knee is sore, in cold or not cold weather, suitable for everyday use or playing sports.

Although this type of belt is thicker and more prominent than the thermal type, it holds the sore knee firmly, helping you move more easily.

  1. For Sports Use: Should Choose Fit and Breathable

For active sports or climbing, knee pressure is quite large. Therefore, you need to choose the type of sports belts that fit the body, safe, elastic, and good for regular use. Besides, you should also check for points such as can easily shrink legs or not.

In addition, when playing sports, you will sweat more easily, so you can rest assured to use sports belts that are breathable and washable.

Pierced Tube or Band Wrap? Choose by Usage, Wearing and Design

Apart from the above factors, choosing the design style is also very important. There are two common types you can choose from: elastic tube types and belt types, depending on the ways and circumstances you use.

The elastic tube knee brace

The elastic tube type has good elasticity, easy to wear. If you are using it for the first time, this will be a perfect choice, with a low price range. Also, people will hardly recognize when you use this type.

The wrapping knee band

On the other hand, the type of protective belt will fix the knee firmly, the effect will be higher, but when wearing it will be more noticeable. If you do not have to worry too much in time, but want to choose the type of pain relief, choose the thin type that doesnt pay as much attention as possible.

3. Check If Hand Washing, Washing Machine Is Easy?

The knee guards are in direct contact with the skin, so be aware of their ability to clean. If you can wash or clean with water, you will use a long and clean belt.

If you cannot wash your hands, you can only replace it if it is dirty. Therefore, when choosing items that cannot be washed, choose products with the lowest possible cost and freely replace them when dirty.

Top 10 Best Knee Protection Belts, Best Knee Protector, (Buying Advice)

Liton Protection knees Liton 807

Low-Cost, UV-Resistant brace for Sports Players

Liton knee protectors are tubular, covering from knee to ankle completely. In particular, Liton tape is UV resistant, suitable for sports such as basketball, volleyball, or outdoor activities.

At the same time, the tape is cotton material with good elasticity, high sweat absorbency, creating ventilation when used. In addition, the product has a low price, suitable for those who want to save costs.

  • Species: Sport

  • Designs: Band – Tube

  • Can be hand-washed

Kuangmi Kuangmi Knee Protector

Long-term, Anti-Slippery, Shockproof brace

Kuangmi knee guards are made from high-quality lycra, with good elasticity, suitable for many different sports. In particular, the outside of the band has a knee protection layer, which helps prevent impact when playing sports.

At the same time, the inner soft silicone banding design, prevents the tape from slipping when moving or sweating. The product has a relatively high price range and is easy to attract when wearing, but it has an effective knee protection effect when playing sports offline.

  • Species: Sport

  • Designs: Band – Tube

  • Can not be hand-washed

Knee Protector PJ Knee Support 601

Breathable, Easy to Move, Knee Joint Support Light Injury

If you have a minor injury and are looking for a knee support band, this is the product for you. A special feature is that this knee protector is quite soft, has elasticity, easy to wear, fits neatly, so you can carry it wherever you go.

Besides the popular colors such as white and black, the product has a cream color close to human skin color so it will not be obvious when wearing. Cost savings, so you can also use large quantities.

  • Species: Sport

  • Designs: Tube

  • Can be hand-washed

Aolikes Aolikes Elastic Knee Protector Aolikes AL1516

Easy To Change Size Use Appropriate

If youre worried about whether your knee size is too big or too small, this knee brace will be the perfect choice, because you can easily resize it to fit your brace. Made from cotton and rubber, the tape has good elasticity and elasticity, easy to move when used.

Unlike normal protective tapes, Aolikes tape has a belt style, so you can adjust the size to fit your knee. You can also wrap it up to your thighs because the brace length is up to 180 cm.

  • Species: Sport

  • Designs: Band

  • Can be hand-washed

Mueller ITB Strap (25-55 cm)

ITB Treatment Support (Ligamentitis)

Mulller straps are designed to be compact, simple, and capable of supporting IT Band treatment, a disease involving tight and inflamed knee ligaments. When using, you need to fasten the protective belt on the kneecap, to ease the pain and when moving without falling.

In addition, made from natural rubber, the Muller belt features antibacterial, odor control, and odor protection, giving you comfortable everyday use.

  • Species: Treatment

  • Designs: Band

  • Can be hand-washed

Aolikes High-Grade Silicone Knee Protector Joints AL7725 (32 × 15cm)

Bearing Silicone Washers

An easy-to-use tubular knee guard Aolikes, made from Spandex fabric, good stretch, and comfortable to use. At the same time, the belt has a silicone gasket design at the knee position, for better protection than conventional fabric belts.

With silicone washers, the bearing capacity of the knee will be increased, limiting injuries during sports activities. Especially when using, you need to adjust the gasket into the position of your knee to get the best effect.

  • Species: Sport

  • Designs: Tube

  • Can be hand-washed

JaJaLin Bamboo Charcoal Sports Knee Warmer Warm (S-L)

Bamboo Charcoal Fiber Keeps Warm

JaJaLin knee guards are made from bamboo charcoal fiber, combined with Spandex fabric. With a comfortable tubular shape and elasticity, you can use the belt without being too tight or too tight on the legs.

Also, when you use it in the winter, the JaJaLin belt can keep your knees warm, limiting cold sores if you often suffer from pain.

  • Species: Keep heating

  • Designs: Tube

  • Can be hand-washed

QSupport Premium Foot Protector Qsupport Q0067DG0M

Relieve Knee Pain in Short Time

The QSupport knee protector is made of natural rubber and far-infrared ray, able to reduce knee pain in a short time (minimum of 7 days). In particular, the far-infrared ray functions to generate heat, keep the knee warm and enhance blood circulation.

In addition, the cushion has a design of stickers and removable parts, making it easy to adjust to suit each person. If you are recovering from surgery, or suffer from knee pain, the QSupport cushion will be an ideal choice.

  • Species: Treatment

  • Designs: Belt (Padding)

  • Can not be hand-washed

McDavid HEX® Leg Sleeves/Pair MD6446 – 7 Màu (S-XXL)

Comprehensive Protection with 9mm Padding, Cool, Quick Dry

McDavid protection belts are made from spandex, with strong sewing technology, enhanced bearing capacity and elasticity. At the same time, the 9mm thick outer protective pad increases the optimum knee protection. You can reduce the impact on your knees, tibia, calves when using the product.

The protection belt has good sweat absorbency, quick-dry and maintains coolness when used, suitable for those who are regularly vigorously sweating. As a result, your skin will not be wet when playing sports or strenuous activities.

  • Species: Sport

  • Designs: Tube

  • Can be hand-washed

Aolikes Double Knee Protector GYM Set Premium Aolikes (2 Pieces)

Low Price tapes, High Performance

If you are a beginner in the gym, looking for a basic pair of knee guards that are not too expensive, this is the product for you. Elastic products made of soft rubber, sticking to the legs gently protect the knees during training sessions.

Besides the easy-to-move feature, the product is also popular with its youthful and modern fashion design with bright borders. You can easily choose your favorite color and have a little confidence in sports games.

  • Species: Sport

  • Designs: Tube

  • Can be hand-washed

Choosing belts, knee guards is not difficult, right? You need to choose one of three basic types of belts such as heat retention, treatment, and sports, to use in accordance with your purpose and use situation. At the same time, consider more about the style, tubular, or belt, with handy hand washing features.

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