Top 4 Best Motocross Neck Braces in 2020

We are talking all about Motocross neck braces. We care about a lot of different options from great brands and theres a lot of different things to consider when you are shopping for one. 

Today, we just want to help you out. We want to talk about what separates all the neck braces that we sell a Rocky Mountain give you the details that you need to know to help give you a good starting point and point you in the right direction. 

Now keep in mind if you see one or two neck braces that youre interested in.

Motocross Neck Braces EVS R4

Now if youre shopping for a neck brace on a budget, this is gonna be one of the best options for your price points. So its not gonna break the bank as far as fitment and sizing goes with these. Its a really just one size fits all and thats one of the drawbacks to the R4. Its still gonna offer their protection that you want out of a neck brace but youre not going to get as much adjustability as the other neck brace is interline up to really fine-tune.

This neck brace is for riders that are 5 foot 3 and over. Its designed for so not as much adjustability but the way open-close is pretty simple, youve got this velcro tab here underneath, you undo that and then youre gonna press this button right here on the top. Thats gonna allow this to pull apart and then it goes right back together. So simple to put on you notice you got nice padding here underneath the rear strut on this is adjustable but you can adjust this to fine-tune the fitment and there is some adjustability. Its a pretty basic neck brace. Its not gonna be the best looking but again its affordable and its still gonna offer the protection that you wanna have a neck brace.

So if youre shopping on a budget is for from EVs the route to take.

Motocross Neck Braces Alpinestars Bionic Tech 2

The Tech 2 is more expensive but youre about to see a little bit more technicality and youre getting more adjustment than we saw with that AVS now as far as the weight goes with this. 

Is there a noticeable difference? You can feel the difference when you put this on your shoulders. When you start to ride, you forget about that weight but you will feel it when you first put the neck brace on. they have the size adapter system so you will notice in your packaging that you have these plates. Youre gonna have two sets that will come included also you have the ones obviously already installed on the brace but you can actually enter change these to adjust the length of the brace to get it exactly where you want it. 

Theyre gonna give you multiple sets of padding that way you can interchange on the brace again just more comfort more customized fit. 

The quality of this padding is good. Its nice and thick and dense. The Bionic Tech 2 has the best system. It allows us to open up so really simple and then to close it. Its actually easy to close. 

Now the last feature, when it comes to how this is going to help mitt or reduce the forces to the riders head and neck is with their rear struts. Its actually on what they call a pivot key which you can easily take this off if you want when it comes to storage makes a little bit easier, but also this will actually rotate or pivot. Its gonna help get good contact with the riders back and also they have their progressive force released. It is designed to break away again just to help mitigate and get those forces away from the riders neck. 

Overall again rock-solid brace up in price but youre getting more adjustability as far as the fitment ghosts the Bionic tech – from Alpinestars.

Motocross Neck Braces Atlas Air neck brace

The Atlas Air is what riders like Ryan Villopoto chase section are both wearing. I spend a lot of time in this neck brace myself and for me heres what I think really stands out about the Atlas air.

The weight-its very lightweight, are the same as the EVs that we showed you earlier and when I put on the Atlas air. 

I feel like its the most minimalistic design very low-profile compared to the others in the line of today those are some things that for me just really stand out. Aside from that heres some pretty unique features first up, the way you open and close this, you have a button right up here in the front. Youre gonna press that and thats gonna lie to open and closes so similar to the Alpine stars but not going to be as user friendly, but its still a great design and then with the chest supports.

They actually have quite a bit of flex to them. In fact, they say 30 millimeters of travel, and the reason for that they just say it acts as suspension for the neck brace to help absorb more impact. When you look at the back mounts, you can see they have what they call their split flex frame technology. The rubber piece that connects the back and the purpose for that just like the name says give it more flex help this work with the rider. 

Also, with these back supports as well as the chest, you can see its split right down the middle. They want to keep this away from your sternum as well as the spine, so thats why they had that design there. 

The last thing I like about this is with the adjustability, they have what they call their smart mounts which means these back supports, you can actually adjust these in three different positions. You have these spacers that are in there you can reverse those and actually have three more adjustment points. You have a total of six adjustment points for the back support and also you have extra padding that will come included two different thicknesses. So, you can actually just interchange that its right here on the bottom of the brace that way you get that more customized fit. 

Motocross Neck Braces Leatt 3.5, 5.5 and 6.5

We have three options coming from Leatt: the GPX 3.5, 5.5, and 6.5. 

We have three options coming from Leatt weve got the GPX 3.5, 5.5, and 6.5. 

Were going to talk about all three of the differences between them. If youre wondering who rocks Italy at night British riders like Ryan sipes Marvin moose can Guerra Marchbanks and Lea, actually they designed the first motorcycle-specific neck brace, so these guys have been added a very long time. 

First up when we talk about these but you got the 3.5. The 3.5 is gonna be the more budget-friendly option in their line if youre stuck on lea and thats what you want but you dont want to pay the premium price. This would be a little bit better option for you. The 3.5 are a couple of trade-offs. Its a very lightweight neck brace thats what I do like about the 3.5. Its one pound, two ounces, so it is the lightest neck brace that we are showing you. Thats something really stands out to me if you have these supports here that are going to sit right on top of the riders shoulders. 

They have collar bone cutouts to avoid that area your chest supports the way you open and close. This a little tab on the left you press that thats going to allow it to open and close very simple to do. Then when you look at the back support, something unique with their thoracic strut is this is design like the Alpine stars. You see these red tabs that you have on the inside here you can pop those out and actually move that strut forward or keep it where its at so you have a couple different points of adjustability. Thats really the big sacrifice that youre making with the 3.5. 

The 5.5 is about actually eight ounces heavier so its lighter but youre not gonna get as much adjustability.  But if you want to Leatt neck brace at a great price point this would be the one to go with. You had the 5.5 and the 6.5. Both these braces are identical as far as the technicality.  The difference is going to be in the construction with these 6.5. This is the carbon version. What I love about these braces from Leatt is they have the most adjustability of any of the neck braces that we talked about today.

Its not going to be as low-profile feeling as the Atlas air but when I put this 5.5 or the 6.5 on, I just really feel like I get the best fit it, almost feels like this neck brace is just hugging me, almost like it was custom fit exactly for my body shape. Thats why I liked it so much. They have what they call their sure fit adjusters. The thoracic strut whats nice is that it just folds down, so its easy to store. Theres actually six different points and you can adjust it.

Last couple things I want to point out the way you open and close, it a little bit different than the 3.5. There is a little button underneath, you press it that allows it to open and close.

Besides, on the left side you have a red screw for the purpose that youre gonna get that on the 5.5 and the 6.5 is that if in the event of a crash you need to get the neck brace off the rider as safely as possible. You can undo the button on the right side and then you just take out this screw on the left,  it allows a neck brace to come apart in two pieces. I think thats a pretty cool safety feature when it comes to an emergency situation.

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