Top 5 Best Gym Belts for Gymer in 2020

What is a gym belt?

For heavy workouts with weights, requiring sitting, standing, or folding positions to lift the weight, the gym belt will be a powerful support tool used to wrap around your abdomen for the purpose of protecting your spine.

Gym belts are usually made of many different materials such as nylon, sponge, PVC leather, or suede. And it is also produced in many different sizes, designed with a large back holder to minimize injuries during exercise. Gym belts are very necessary for heavy movements, involving the back and spine, especially in exercises such as Deadlift or Squat in bodybuilding exercises.

What does a good gym belt consist of?

Essential elements of a good gym belt include:

  • Ensuring safety in the training process thanks to high-quality materials.
  • The size itself can easily adjust to fit a variety of waist types of each practitioner.
  • For heavy, continuous exercise should ensure that the belt is well-designed and has a safety buckle.

Some types of gym belts

Gym belts are very common and popular today. On the market, there are two popular types – hard and soft belts. Although they are gym braces, but these two types of belts have different designs, designs, and materials, which lead to different features. However, it can’t be denied that the overall purpose of them is protecting you from injuries while practicing.

However, soft belts are chosen by more people because of the versatility that can be applied in most gym exercises. A hard belt is chosen in strong exercises such as squats, which will help protect the back of your spine and body.

When should you use the gym belts?

According to the experience of the bodybuilding coach, in case you feel uncomfortable with the weight that you are practicing or you plan to increase the weight, you can start wearing the belt. Gym belts are often used when you do heavy and complex exercises such as Deadlift, Squat, lifting weights overhead when standing or sitting, and carrying weights on both sides.

How to use gym belts?

To achieve effective results and minimize the negative effects, you need to rely on your body condition.

One experience that weightlifters still apply to professional competitions is that the suitable tightness of a belt is when you can tuck your hand between the belly and the belt. The reason is because if you wear too loose the belt will lose protection effect for you, and if too tight it will be difficult to perform the exercises.

Besides, when using the gym belts, you should also note the following:

  • Continuous use of the belt will make your body depend on it. You will make your body more lazy. So you need to practice to stand firmly and brace yourself.
  • Exercises that need to use a belt are press, weightlifting, some Strongman exercises. 

Top 5 Best Gym Belts

Here are the popular models of gym belts and are appreciated by users.

Valeo Soft Gym Belt 

Valeo belts are reputable brands that most gymnasts know about. Valeo brand from the US specializes in manufacturing gym accessories such as wristbands, back straps, belts, with extremely good quality and suitable for all users.

For soft belts, this is the best selling belt model of the company because this belt can be used by both men and women.

  • Pros: When using the belt around the abdomen, the operation will be easier to use than the hard type. At the same time, its much lighter weight compared to the hard belt gives you more flexibility in training. In our opinion, this is undoubtedly the best gym belt at a low price, suitable for everyone.
  • Cons: Durability will certainly not be as high as expensive hard belts, but it also takes more than 2 years to be broken. Often the cause of damage is because the tape no longer has the stickiness, and the belt is loose due to long-term use.

Large Valeo Soft Gym Belt (Hexagonal Belt)

The large Valeo soft belt is often called a hexagonal belt. With beautiful design, high-quality material, this is the most popular belt for young people. Both men and women can use it, but remember to choose the right size when shopping. The pros and cons are quite similar to the above soft belts. 

According to user reviews, this hexagonal belt model is quite large, up to 19cm, it helps to hug your back and protect your back.

Valeo Hard Belt With Padding

This is a high-end belt of Valeo brand. The ultra-strong design is masculine as a sturdy shield to keep your back safe. In addition, this belt design also has a very large Valeo logo on the back as its trademark.

  • Pros: Extremely high durability, very good protection. Another difference with the other model is that this belt has a layer of padding on the inside, making it very smooth and comfortable when wearing. This belt is also used by athletes and heavy practitioners.
  • Cons: The weight of the belt is about 0.8kg, more suitable for men. When bringing it along to use is a bit difficult, because it is relatively space-consuming.

The width of the back of the belt is about 15cm perfect for everyone

Aolikes Gym Belt

Aolikes is another well-known manufacturer specializing in gym and sports accessories. Aolikes belts are beautifully designed and very safe to wear.

  • Pros: High durability, meticulously designed for each thread. In addition, the belt is also quite large, hugging your entire back.
  • Cons: More expensive than other soft belt companies.

Go Fit Gym Belts

Go Fit belts are prestigious products in the US. Gym Belts GoFit 6” will support exercises related to your back and spine, creating a very comfortable and facile feeling to use. In addition, there is a cushion covering the whole lower back, helping you not to feel tedious and tired.

Pros: Very high durability, meticulously machined belts deserve to be the top luxury brand.

Cons: Higher price compared to the above firms.

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