Top 3 Best Lumbar Spine Belt: Benefits and Limitations

For people with osteoarthritis diseases such as lumbar pain, herniated disc, spinal degeneration and so on, the lumbar spine belt is a device that helps support extremely effective treatment. So, what kind of spine protection belt is this? How does the belt work? Refer to the article below to get more information.

1. What is a lumbar spine belt?

1.1. Definition

The lumbar spine is a device that helps reduce the pressure on the back muscles, especially the muscles around the spine, protects the spine from external forces, thereby reducing attacks quickly. low back pain.

In addition, some belts have the ability to adjust the disc and adjust the joints to their original position, so they have the ability to cure scoliosis and support the disc disease very well.

1.2. Operating principle

Most of the backs protect the spine based on the principle of fixing the spine in place. The fixation helps the spine avoid injuries during movement, while straightening the diaphragm and creating the ideal bone position in the S-shaped curve. When good back posture will slow the progression of pain. back.

Not only that, some of the current spine protection belts with superior design should also have the function of spinal stretching, helping to widen the distance between the vertebrae, releasing compression for the disc.

This is also the reason why doctors recommend that patients with a herniated disc should use spinal belts to treat the disease at home.

2. The effect of the lumbar spine belt

The lumbar spine belt is a device that has received a lot of attention from bone and joint patients recently. This is because these types of belts have many uses in the treatment of diseases such as:

  • Helping the spine stay in proper position: The spinal straps help fix the spine so that the spine is not bent, thereby minimizing back pain.
  • Assist in the adjustment of the joints and the disc: With the ability to manipulate the joints, the disc, the spine protection belt, the spine vertebrae are gradually shifted back to the original position. When the vertebrae do not slip, the disc will not move as well, causing the condition of herniated disc.
  • Reducing the pressure of the inner disc: Spinal belt styles have the purpose to stretch the back, help to reduce strain on the inner disk so that the disk is not vulnerable to damage caused by broken outer fiber.
  • Help release the compression: When the spine is stretched, the pinched nerves are released, patients will feel more comfortable in the lumbar spine because there is no disturbing pain.
  • Support for lumbar spine rehabilitation: For patients who have just undergone lumbar spine surgery, the spinal cord guards will help maintain the spine position, helping patients practice rehabilitation more easily.

3. The limitations of lumbar spine belt

Besides the advantages that the lumbar spine protection belt brings, these types of belts also have some disadvantages such as:

  • Belts quite bulky: Some belts are quite heavy and bulky. The material is not breathable, causing uncomfortable feelings for the user.
  • Only supportive effect of treatment of diseases: Many types of lumbar spine protection currently only support the treatment of diseases, there is no complete cure. Patients should be aware of each type of belt so as not to be confused with the product.

Caution when using for:

  • Patients with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cerebrovascular blood should consult a physician before use.
  • Pregnant women avoid using the product.
  • People with broken bones, severe osteoporosis, ankylosing spondylitis.
  • Infectious spine, tumor, bone bridge.
  • The patient has had surgery

4. Use the lumbar spine guards properly

Patients should pay attention to how to use the spinal lumbar spine properly to bring about the expected therapeutic effects.

4.1. Subjects should use belts

Lumbar spine protectors are specifically designed for subjects such as:

  • People with acute lumbar spine pain, after carrying heavy objects or operating in the wrong position.
  • People who often have to stand or sit for a long time in one position.
  • People after 3 months of surgery.
  • People with herniated disc, inflammation, osteoarthritis of the spine.
  • People with spinal cord injuries.
  • People with sciatica. …

4.2. Do not abuse the spinal guards

The following situations should not abuse the spine protection belt:

  • Normal healthy people should not use spinal straps.
  • People with spine disease should only use the spinal straps at a certain frequency, as directed by a doctor.
  • Do not wear a belt for long periods of time because this will cause the spine to become dependent, the function of the spine will be gradually impaired. The spine is no longer strong and strong enough to support the whole body.

Apart from using a lumbar belt to protect your spine, you should increase nutrition and coordinate the back disc herniation exercises.

4.3. Spinal straps should be used instead of conventional fixings

Conventional lumbar spine restraints are used to reduce pain and minimize trauma, but not much to support the treatment of a herniated disc. Therefore, patients with a herniated disc should choose to buy spinal straps that will give higher effectiveness.

The role of is a lumbar spine belt to the herniated disc

The use of oriental medicine or Western medicine is currently every persons choice. You need to do active, do exercise regularly, and maintain a straight, fixed position to make disease recover more quickly. Thus, sitting upright and fixing the patients back of the spinal nerve will have to rely on a tool that helps shape the spine. 

So what are the benefits of a lumbar spine belt for disc herniation?

– Assist in adjusting the joints and disc; improve the condition of a herniated disc. With this wonderful product, Patients do not need to go to the clinic to keep their spine stable.

– The back belt also works directly on the painful area to help restore joints and re-adjust the joints gradually.

– Especially for patients after disc surgery, lumbar spine belts can be used to support the lumbar spine recovery.

– Besides, many types of belts now have an inflatable function, increasing the efficiency of treatment support.

Top 3 Best Lumbar Spine Belt you must-have one in 2020

Lumbar Traction Belt CR-801

This Waist air traction brace belt provides stretching force to increase disk space on the spine.  This product will, therefore, reduce intravascular pressure, relax muscles and ligaments, release nerve root compression, increase local nourishment, increase the range of limited spinal segment, and restore the normal anatomic shape of the spine, creating favorable conditions for the new disc to have a mild and moderate hernia that can shrink back to the old position.

Spinal straps are the solution for treating back pain (or postoperative use) without surgery. Doctors in many major hospitals currently prescribe this item for cases of back pain due to various causes.

Humpback belt of Backbrace

The Backbrace belt is a mid-range product made from a combination of synthetic rubber material and Pulta fabric.

The length of the strap can be easily customized to give users the most comfortable feel. Products are manufactured in all sizes from size S, M for people below 70 kg to size L for people weighing over 70 kg.

The series comes with a metal buckle to help users secure the size of the belt. The strap is covered with shoulder pads so that no pain is caused to users. Then its convenient throughout the process of wearing.

The product line is highly effective in shaping the spine and minimizing back pain caused by poor sitting posture. Youll have solid muscles and an extremely straight spine with regular use of this product.

The price of Backbrace anti-hunchback belts is fairly affordable nowadays but that belt weighs up to 450 g so its not suitable for kids.

DYNA humpback belt

DYNA high-end hunchback belt is a line of Indian brand Dynamic brand.

The product line is the ideal mix of strong elastic rubber material and extremely high anti-tunnel breathable fabric. The belt style also comes with extra soft pads to give the user a sense of comfort. Products made with bright cream tones that give a very luxurious look. You can confidently wear a humpback belt and go anywhere. 

 DYNA Humpback Belts This is a belt that effectively supports the correction of the back hunch posture and fights the common humpback.  The product is also suggested using fractured collarbone surgery, a broken shoulder blade, and supports Delta muscular dystrophy treatment, or breastbone and collarbone therapy. The anti-hunchback belt is currently made in two sizes, S and XL, appropriate for adults and children alike.

The limitations of Lumbar spine belts when in use     

 Admittedly, there are also quite a few restrictions on using Lumbar spine reshaping belts, such as:

• The lumbar spine is quite bulky. If you use this for the first time, youll feel the discomfort because you have to change your habit of sitting, walking, and standing. If the weather is hot this will make you feel much more uncomfortable.

• The belt in fact has only slow results in helping recover from a spinal injury. As mentioned above, if you exercise regularly and take enough medicine, the belt will help you heal faster. Ideally you can only use your belt as a support brace if you have serious back pain. And you can remove the orthopedic belt and exercise regularly when you are completely cured to ensure that health is maintained well.

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