Instructions to use Lumbar Traction Belt CR-801 easy in 2020

What is a spine belt and back belt?

Herniated disc is a common condition and if taken properly, this disease can be cured. But thats not enough; to make the bones more flexible, you need to exercise as well as frequent visits to the orthopedic center to adjust the spine again. Yet as a home treatment, many people have opted for a back belt. And in this case, the back belt, the spine belt, would operate to repair the back and to protect the spine. 

More specifically, one of the habits which cause back pain is to sit with the wrong posture. The back belt will then apply firm pressure on the back muscles at this time. Particularly around the spine, it will straighten the upper diaphragm and establish the perfect S-shaped curve bone position, while keeping a good posture will also limit and slow down back pain progression. 

The role of the spinal belt with the herniated disc 

At present, the choice of each person is to use oriental medicine or Western medicine. You need to be active, do exercise, and maintain a straight, fix position, and then the disease will get faster. Therefore, sitting in right posture and fixing the back of the spinal nerve to the patient will need to rely on a tool that shapes the spine. 

Spinal cord s role in the herniated disc 

What are the implications for the herniated disc of the lumbar belt? 

  • Assist in the adjustment of joints and disc, improve the herniated disc condition. Patients do not need to go to the clinic to stabilize their spine. 

  • The back brace also acts directly on the painful area to help heal joints and readjust the joints gradually. 

  • The lumbar may be used primarily for patients after disc surgery to support the recovery of the lumbar spine. 

  • Also, many types of belt now have an inflatable function, increasing the efficiency of treatment support. 

For instance, Lumbar Traction Belt CR-801

Lumbar Traction Belt CR-801 has the function of keeping the spine straight and stretching to create a more comfortable feeling than the normal state. Therefore, the skeletal and nerve muscles remain stable and relieve pressure, helping to reshape the spinal structure. It provides spine tension to enhance disc space. This drug would, therefore, reduce intravascular pressure, loosen muscles and ligaments, release nerve root stress, increase local nutrition, increase the range of restricted spinal segment, and restore the normal anatomic shape of the spine, creating favorable conditions for the new disc to have a mild to moderate hernia that may shrink back to the old position. 

Spinal belt is a solution for treating back pain (or postoperative use) without surgery.

Instructions to use Lumbar Traction Belt CR-801

Lumbar Traction Belt CR-801 is very useful for treating patients with: 

  • See acute and chronic dislocations to the vertebral neck. 

  • Herniated disc. 

  • Stenosis of spinal cord. 

  • The patient is suffering from congenital back pain. 

  • People who play sports or do jobs that affect your back as much as walking, filming, office staff 

  • Back pain resulting from obesity  

  •  Women get back pain after childbirth  

  • Inflammation of the vertebrae and vertebrae, sciatica and all patients requiring stretching and supportive spine treatment 

The CR-801 Lumbar Traction Belt comes with the pump

How to use Lumbar Traction Belt CR-801

  • Open the product and the accessories checkbox. 

  • Placed the belt between last rib and pelvis position. 

  • For the best stretching effect, the belt has to be in close contact with the back and sides of the bones. 

  • The belt may come in connection with the skin, but wearing it outside of a thin layer of clothing is better. 

  • Check and tighten the valve before connecting to the pump. 

  • Pump up gradually until you feel the tension pulling and lifting. The maximum pumpable pressure equals 15 psi. 

  • Wear a belt usually only 1-2 hours a day for the first 1-2 weeks, you can wear no more than 5 hours per day during that time. 

Should wear out the thin shirt outside a slightly stretched belt spine 

Dont use a stretch belt for the following situations: 

  • Fractures: lumbar spine, thoracic vertebrae, sacral spine, pelvis, ribs, etc. 

  • Have severe rheumatoid arthritis and ruptured ligament. 

  • Spondylitis Purulente. 

  • Tuberculosis is caused by the Lumbar disease. 

  • Lymph node or tumor in the bone 

  • Have severe cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses. 

  • Pregnant women and toddlers. 

  • Tough osteoporosis. 

  • Extreme skin sickness. 

  • Patients suffering from acute traumatic lumbar pain. 

Cautions with applying the CR-801 Lumbar Traction Belt. 

  • Do not soak in water for long when you were washing the steam belt. 

  • Do not place the belt close to sharp objects. 

  • After using, put in a cool, dry place. 

  • Just using the on the waistline. 

  • For inflatable use only the supplied pump. 

  • Avoid dropping the pump. 

  • Once you have pumped the air columns, do not inject any more to avoid clogging. 

  • Assure that the steam has been exhausted with the included discharge tool while wearing or slicing the belt out. 

  • Pain may occur during the first use of the belt. The time and the pressure should be adjusted appropriately. 

  • Do not wear the product while in bed. 

  • Do not use the belt when you feels painful to the stomach. 

  • Belts are used when you stand, sit, or walk. 

  • The better treatment effect will be if the product is used after bathing with warm water. 

  • Do not clean with a chemical solution. 

  • Do not expose the belt to sunlight but shade it. 

Steam belt preservation method for treating spinal column, herniated disc 

  • Valve tighten, do not let water in. 

  • Air pump toughen the surface of the belt. To scrub or exhaust, use a sponge or soft cloth, tighten the valve and place it in the washing bag. In order to ensure durability, its best to wash by hand. 

  • Limit to wash with washing machine. 

Above is a detailed guide on how to use the Lumbar Traction Belt CR-801 to help ensure product durability and bring a higher therapeutic effect.

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